Sunday, 12 March 2017

Higher Engineering Mathematics

NAME- Higher Engineering Mathematics

The subject of Higher Engineering Mathematics is core subject of engineering.This is a good book written in a simple language to begin with the subject.A lots of numerical are there to clear the basic concepts well enough and understanding standards terms.Diagrams are there with easy illustration to make a good foundation and concept.Also very helpful for competitive examinations like GATE,UPSC, ENGG SERVICES etc as well as helpful for examination.this book is good and covers almost enough topic for GATE and IES.Point wise written hence easy to remember. Printing quality and diagram quality excellent.Nicely explained processes with merits and limitation which is important for exam.most colleges set questions based on this book.very easy to read with detailed illustrations.

Essential study materials for Mechanical engineering are easily available.The study material can be download easily in either PDF from the site can contact me related to this articles and request for study materials through the comment box.

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